The Raven I Mukluk shoes for Outdoor winter wear!

Color : Black

The Raven I Mukluk Shoe is made in Canada. The Raven I mukluk shoe features a gum rubber sole which allows for outdoor Winter wear. The 100% wool lining absorbs moisture keeping your feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The vamp features a hand sewn glass bead turquoise pattern to compliment the plush midnight black rabbit fur collar. This mukluk shoe is designed for indoor or outdoor wear.  
  • colour: Black
  • country of manufacture: Canada
  • insole: Sheepskin wool
  • manufacturer: Eugene Cloutier
  • sole: Black Gum sole
  • material: Soft Black Genuine Canadian suede and Rabbit fur
  • lining: Sheepskin wool
  • decorative design: Hand sewn glass bead design on vamp
  • collar: Plush midnight black rabbit fur collar
  • laces: none
The Raven I Mukluk shoes for Outdoor winter wear!
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