The Rimrock - Mukluk Gloves

mitmook mukluk gloves

Whether you are snowshoeing, skiing, or out for a stroll through the park they will keep your hands nice and warm. Tecumseh Canada Brand Mukluk Gloves are made in Canada with genuine Canadian Suede and rabbit fur. Each pair are hand sewn and hand beaded with a decorative pattern made with colourful glass beads. Beading and pattern as shown in photo.

  • colour: Charcoal
  • country of manufacture: Canada
  • cuff: Wolf grey rabbit fur
  • moccasins or mukluks bead colour: Turquoise
  • material: Genuine Canadian suede and rabbit fur
  • size: One size fits all
  • moccasins or mukluks lining: Fleece
  • decorative design: Hand beaded decorative glass pattern to match the Rimrock mukluk
  • moccasins or mukluks bead pattern: As shown in photo
The Rimrock - Mukluk Gloves
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  • Manufacturer: TECUMSEH CANADA
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